DeFi Pharmaceutical company and NFT Marketplace for pharmaceutical, life, and nutrition scientists and engineers. 


Our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) pairs engineering projects with investors, enabling them to develop together in an entirely new way, democratically developing life-changing pharmaceutical products, all with an innovative emphasis on need over profit.


Marketplace-users purchase pieces of the brands, formulas, genetics, sequences, and patents via smart contracts, generating both human health advancements and alpha.

CRYPTOSLATE [04/21/2021]: IBM is turning patents into NFTs—says it's a future 'trillion-plus dollar market >> Read More


The main goal of the pharmaceutical industry is to provide drugs that prevent infections, maintain health and cure diseases. The global pharmaceutical industry is estimated to be worth $1 Trillion.

Life Science

The Life Sciences sector is at an inflection point. To prepare for the future biopharma and medtech organizations will be looking for new ways to create value and new metrics to make sense of today’s wealth of data.


The nutrition industry is currently experiencing huge growth. Increasing awareness of how diet affects health and the benefits of various eating habits means consumers are more educated than ever.

Drug-Developers Can Cooperate on our Blockchain

Developing a Marketplace and Blockchain Eco-System for Consumer Drug & Product Development

Network of Pharma Product Investors on Ethereum. Stakeholders receive payback on investments.
Community for Pharmaceutical, Life, and Nutrition Scientists and Engineers.
Pharmaceutical Development Blockchain Apps, Data Connector, and API. 

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