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Weekly Progress Reports

Scrum Dev Team, Product Team, and Scrum Master Weekly Project Management Office (PMO) Reports

1 [DEV Status Report] Week Ending April 10, 2021

Story Point Velocity = 40 Story Points this Sprint. Completed DEV of initial blocks for the Pharmaceutical Token on both Ethereum (ERC) and Binance (BEP20).


April 10, 2021

2 [DEV Status Report] Week Ending April, 17, 2021

Story Point Velocity is 43. The delivery team has made substantial progress this week, focusing mainly on the Architectural Diagram of our Blockchain Platform, what we will integrate (API) with, and how we will integrate.


April. 17, 2021

3 [DEV Status Report] Week Ending April, 24 2021

Story Point Velocity Per Sprint = 25. Additional BlockDev was complete on the PHARMA Token. Preparing to provide data to Etherscan and BNB Scan for listing. Many meetings this week with institutional investors, possible technology partners. Planning to complete Round 2: REQUIREMENTS GATHERING of the PHARMA Application for iOS and Android.


April. 24, 2021

4 [DEV Status Report] Week Ending May 01, 2021

Completed White Paper. Completed ERC20 Token Listing on Etherscan. Working on Final Round Edits to BNB Scan Upates.


May 01,2020

5j [DEV Status Report] Week Ending May 10, 2021

Excited to have completed ROUND 3: Information Architecture design today.



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