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3 [DEV Status Report] Week Ending April, 24 2021

Scrum Master

April. 24, 2021

Story Point Velocity Per Sprint = 25. Additional BlockDev was complete on the PHARMA Token. Preparing to provide data to Etherscan and BNB Scan for listing. Many meetings this week with institutional investors, possible technology partners. Planning to complete Round 2: REQUIREMENTS GATHERING of the PHARMA Application for iOS and Android.

Launch Press release completed and proofread."Officially" launched the company this week via our media partner AccessWire. Tons of partnership requests have come flooding in. Currently preparing to launch the White Paper, which is in Round 2: Design, Information Architecture Diagram, which is in Round 2: Design, and preparing for several meetings with several blockchain heavyweights. We'll see how fast we can climb and get PHARMA Token listed on the exchanges with some great liquidity going. Currently still gathering requirements, mainly in crypto security to protect our stakeholders.

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